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Plan Member Online Services... Benefits at your fingertips.

Get VIP access to your benefits. (Minus the valet parking.)

Self-service through the GSC website makes things quick, convenient and easy. Here's what you can do online:
  • Submit claims online (if applicable) for faster processing
  • Access your personal claims information, including a breakdown of how your claims were processed
  • Submit a “pretend” claim to instantly find out when and what portion of a claim will be covered
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit so claim payments can be deposited directly into your bank account
  • Print personalized claims forms (if you have to submit the claim via mail, this is the way to go)
  • Print your explanation of benefit (EOB) statements for when you need to coordinate benefits

Want a sneak peek?

Get a guided tour of all the things you can do online.

How to register (it's not as hard as it looks)

  1. Have your GSC ID card and registration key handy.
  2. Click the LOGIN button (found in the right corner of this website) and click GO to register as a plan member.
  3. On the “Welcome to Plan Member Online Services” page, enter your plan member ID and registration key in the “REGISTER HERE” section. Click “CONTINUE WITH REGISTRATION”. Skip to Step 5.
  4. Don’t have a registration key? Your unique, one time use registration key can be found on your explanation of benefits (EOB) statement. You can also easily request one by clicking on “GET A REGISTRATION KEY” and following the steps. Once you have your registration key, go back to the Welcome page, enter your Plan Member ID and registration key, and click “CONTINUE WITH REGISTRATION”.
  5. You will be required to confirm a few personal details, create a user name and password, and provide answers to three challenge questions. You can also give authorization for other people to access your account (such as a spouse) and enter your banking information for direct deposit.
  6. And that’s it! You now have access to cool tools (hey, that rhymes!) related to your GSC benefits plan that will change your life (OK...that are super convenient).