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Take a break from studying (or turn off Netflix), this section is a 'must-read'! Here you’ll find information about all the perks of a health and dental plan from GSC.

Sign up for Online Services... Quick, convenient and easy.

By registering for Plan Member Online Services you can enjoy the convenience of online access to everything you need. You can manage your benefits from your desk – saving you valuable study time!

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Download our free mobile app GSC on the Go®! There’s no need to re-register – simply use your log in details for Online Services.

A few other things to know...

Coordinate your benefits and get 100% coverage

If you’re covered for health or dental benefits under a parent’s or spouse’s benefits plan, you can coordinate with your GSC benefits to receive up to 100 per cent coverage by accessing both plans. Here’s how:

Your claims:

  1. Submit claims to GSC (this is your primary benefits plan).
  2. Submit the unpaid portion to your parent's or spouse's benefits plan (this is your secondary plan).

Your spouse's claims (if applicable):

  1.  Your spouse must submit claims to their benefits plan (this is their primary benefits plan).
  2. Submit the unpaid portion to your GSC plan (this is their secondary plan).

Your children's claims (if applicable):

  1. Submit your children's claims to the plan of the parent whose birthday falls earliest in their year, regardless of the year of birth.
  2. Submit the unpaid portion to the other parent's plan.

For example:

  • Spouse – Anne Smith (Birthday: December 10, 1978)
  • GSC Plan Member – John Smith (Birthday: September 1, 1980)
  • Dependent – Baby Smith

John was born earlier in the calendar year than Anne, so they should submit Baby's claim to GSC first. If they were both born on the same day of the year, first they should submit the claim to the plan of the parent whose initial comes first in the alphabet.

Always remember: Include a copy of the explanation of benefits (EOB) statement received from GSC, as well as a photocopy of the originally-submitted claim form when you coordinate.

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Get your money back faster…sign up for direct deposit!

Trust us, you'll love it. Here’s how:

  1. After you've registered for Plan Member Online Services, sign in and select 'Direct Deposit' from the left menu.
  2. Enter your bank account information.
  3. Select if you want to be notified by e-mail when your statement is ready.
  4. Verify your current e-mail address. (Note: If this is not your current e-mail address, go to 'My Profile' to change your e-mail address.)
  5. Click 'Submit'.
  6. On the 'Direct Deposit' confirmation page, verify the information you entered, and click 'Confirm'.
We try to keep your benefits plan safe from fraud… so should you.

Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when you receive health care services, to help protect your benefits plan:

  • Make sure your practitioners are licensed with the appropriate regulatory agency or association.
  • Always ask how much is being billed to your benefits plan.
  • Sign the ‘Release of Information Authorization Form’ when requested. This gives us permission to review your claims information to make sure claims are appropriately and properly submitted on your behalf.
  • Complete the claim audit questionnaires when you get them. These help us protect all our plan members and their benefits plans from abuse, misuse and overuse.
  • Read your explanation of benefits (EOB) statement like you would your credit card statement – question services or products you don’t recognize.
  • Accept only those services and products that you need and will use. Don’t fill a prescription if you don’t intend to take the medication.
  • Watch out for providers requesting a list of your covered benefits and plan maximums.