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The health care you need… At a price you’ll love.

GSC has discount arrangements with select health care providers across Canada. Check out the health care categories below for more info.

Discount categories

Dental care discounts

You’ll get professional dental services and maintain your ongoing oral health with lower out-of-pocket expenses!!

Here's how it works...

  1. The student dental discount applies to most dental procedures - depending on a few variables, like which dentist youre visiting or what procedure is being done - and allows you to receive a minimum of 20 per cent off certain services.
  2. After you get your dental treatment with a dentist in this network, our system automatically calculates the applicable discount.
  3. GSC pays your dentist directly so you only have to pay your share of the cost (if any) for services provided. Pretty cool, huh?
  4. The discount you receive depends on your plan design, and will be subtracted from your share of the cost. (Translation: you will be receiving a discount on the part you have to pay out-of-pocket - does it get any better?)
  5. But... (yes, there's always a 'but'), you must first be enroled with GSC to be eligible for the discount.

Use the below map to search for participating dentists near you.

Hearing aid discounts

GSC has partnered with Starkey Hearing Technologies, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art hearing aids, to provide GSC plan members great discounts on selected hearing aids when purchased from a participating provider on our hearing aid preferred provider network - even if your plan doesn’t cover hearing aid benefits.

Use the below map to search for participating hearing aid providers near you.

Vision care discounts

As a GSC plan member, you’re eligible to receive a discount on eye wear and accessories, even if your school's plan does not cover vision benefits. If it does, that just means less out-of-pocket costs for you! 

* Note: Discount not available at Sears Optical outlets in Quebec.

Here's how it works...

  1. To get the discount, tell a participating store that you are a GSC plan member. You may need to show your GSC ID card too.
  2. When you shop at any participating stores, you can receive discounts from 10 to 33 per cent off regular retail priced prescription glasses, non-prescription sunglasses, and accessories. Note: Except at Hakim Optical and, these savings cannot be combined with other discounts.
  3. Need help submitting your claims? Click here.

GSC has a discount arrangement with select optical retailers, including Hakim Optical, The Bay, and Vision Clinic.

Use the below map to search for participating vision care providers near you.

GSC and Shoppers Drug Mart® - Student Savings Card

Present your Shoppers Drug Mart® card with a valid student card and receive a 10% discount on the following products: President Choice®, no name®, Quo® & Life Brand®. Click here to obtain yours.

Other discounts

Get a discount on any advertised price for prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Just enter the following coupon codes:

30% off prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses* – GSCGLASSES30

20% off non-prescription sunglasses* – GSCSUN20

10% off contact lenses – GSCCONTACTS10

*Does not include Oakley or Arnette eyewear.

The discount prices include free shipping, free returns, and all glasses include free standard lenses. 

Note: This offer can be combined with any pricing offer or sale advertised on the website. However, please note that this offer cannot be combined with another coupon code. Valid if purchased on a Canadian website only.



Get 10% off the regular price of contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, non-prescription eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

To take advantage of this discount, enter the coupon code GSCVISION.

Note: This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer. Valid if purchased on a Canadian website only.



Looking for more great ways to save? We've got you covered. Studentsaver is Canada's original national student discount program. With discounts from coast to coast, Studentsaver saves you money on everyday purchases like books, clothing, food, and entertainment. Each year, student association members receive their Studentsaver card through their local students' association.



LASIK MD is also one of GSC’s discount partners. As a GSC plan member (even if your plan doesn’t cover you for vision benefits), you and your dependents (over the age of 18) are eligible to receive $100 off per eye on Advanced Custom Wavefront, plus Free Vision Enhancement Plan.

Visit LASIK MD's website to learn more!

British Columbia: Save when you use Alliance Pharmacy Group

The BC Federation of Students has negotiated an agreement with Alliance Pharmacy Group, a central dispensing pharmacy that delivers to your door.

You’ll save:

  • $5 off each prescription at the time that it is filled
  • 10 per cent off all wellness and personal care essential purchased online

Alliance Pharmacy will offer a reduced dispensing fee of $5 for all prescriptions, resulting in further savings for plan users.*

They'll also guide you through your prescription process, and offers therapeutic drug alternatives to maximize your savings even more.

Accessing the Service

Alliance Pharmacy is a central dispensing pharmacy that eliminates the need to travel to a storefront location. Prescriptions come from your doctor directly to your door by using the following process: 

  1. Have your doctor fax your prescription directly from the doctor’s office, or transfer any existing prescriptions from other pharmacies directly to Alliance Pharmacy Group. Pharmacy staff will assist with any prescription transfers on your behalf.
  2. Alliance Pharmacists will review and fill your prescription, educating you on your medication, including a discussion on possible therapeutic alternatives.
  3. Your prescription will be delivered directly to your door at your home, or wherever is best for you, by overnight Fedex Priority or Xpresspost service across Canada. 

To begin using Alliance Pharmacy: 

  1. Go to and get started; or
  2. Call 855.370.7979 and pharmacy staff will be glad to assist 

*Discounts only available to BC Federation of Students members.

GSC and Shoppers Drug Mart® - Student Savings Card

Present your Shoppers Drug Mart® card with a valid student card and receive a 10% discount on the following products: President Choice®, no name®, Quo® & Life Brand®. Click here to obtain yours.